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It was the Wright brothers who pioneered the twisted aero foil shape of modern aircraft propellers. Though today the majority of contemporary planes are engineered with turbofans, the propeller is still popular and is widely used by sports aircrafts. The Propeller model pays homage to the development of the propeller, the invention that turned a page in aviation history. As in the case of aircrafts, the watch’s propeller-like rotor ensures that the time instrument continues to function with faultless precision. It is a well-known fact that the engine is the most important part of the plane, just as the movement is of a watch. The Propeller model is powered by the most reliable ETA movement, which maintains an immaculate performance under various conditions. Additionally, it has an impressive streamlined case, which combined with the dial’s classic instrumental appearance and convex sapphire crystal, give the watch an elegant look. Available in different color variations, this watch will become your beautiful and reliable timekeeper.

The brand Aviator pays tribute to the history of aviation, embodying watches within this amazing story. Each family of watches represents a different era in the development of aviation. Experience the amazing development of aviation through the Aviator watches collection at Marzooq Al Shamlan & Sons booth at the 2015 Doha watches and Jewelry Exhibition.