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FIYTA: Photographer Collection

FIYTA, which means “Flying high in sky” in Chinese, was registered in 1987, when there were only a few watch brands in China. Thanks to its international foresight and marketing strategy, it soon became one of the key players in the watch market of China in 1990s.

FIYTA Holdings Ltd., owner of the brand, was established on Dec.23, 1987 in Shenzhen, the first reform and opening city in mainland China with FIYTA brand watch as its main product in retail market. The company has been focusing on timepiece industry by setting up its vertical integration platforms such as R&D, design, manufacturing, retail sales and marketing etc. Now it has successfully developed the watch brand “FIYTA” and the Luxury Watch Retail Channel brand “HARMONY”.

From the year 2003, China’s achievements in the space program has aroused great interest in the world. FIYTA, since then, has been providing the professional space watches for the astronauts. As a new producer of the sophisticated watches used in special environment, the company and the brand, were both known little by little in the world timepiece industry.

Fiyta is displaying a unique watch: The 3D- Time Collection at the Doha watch and Jewelry exhibition.

Photographer Collection Freeze Loving Time:

FIYTA has always believed that helping people to make possible their dreams is the most pleasant and worthy dream. Over the years, FIYTA always did charity work. This year 2014, FIYTA’s brand Ambassador Mr. Louis Koo will participate in the design of a Photographer Collection Wristwatch, which will be called “Special Model for Charity”. The money earned from the sales will be donated to the “Chinese Teacher Development Foundation”, to help fund education and support teachers in Yunnan and Guizhou. This is a limited edition of 100 pieces all over the world.

The inspiration of this special model wristwatch for charity came from mechanical camera shape. A black classic design and a green fluorescent embellishment give the watch the technologic outlook of a modern electronic camera. With a needle dial machine structure, it brings an innovative time-reading experience: the fan shape framework at 9o’clockdisplays hours; the inner circle dial for minutes rotate as every minute and every second goes; the green triangle shows the minutes. The pattern on the central lens shutter rotates following the minutes dial; with the double head seconds needle rotation, it is forming a speed differential sense.

There are three ways to wear this wristwatch. First, you can use the fillet of screw of the watch body; secondly, you can also use the leather texture, bringing a mysterious coolness; and third, screw the connection circle of the “imitation of camera lens’ edge” and the camera lens shape will be more graphic. It has lots of shape styles, changing repeatedly the “face” of the watch, thus increasing more fun to the wristwatch, and it is suitable for many occasions.

All this time, FIYTA’s Photographer Collection wristwatches have been imitating camera shape. This special model for charity goes beyond perception. It has more practical functionality. The UV mirror of the single camera and the mirror cover mounted on the connection circle not only solves the practical issue, but enhances the interactivity of the watches and cameras, the hear touching and best choice for photography lovers.

Beside this wristwatch, there is also the Photographer Collection Limited Edition 2014, a classic combination of black, white and grey, red dots, and also with the same practical features. It is a limited edition with 2014 pieces all over the world.

Model : GA8488.BBB/GA8502.BBB
Name: Photographer Collection Special Model for Charity 2014
Movement: Imported automatic mechanical movement
Case: Stainless steel, black IP plating
Watch mirror: Glare-proof sapphire crystal
Bottom: Fluorescent, engraved with lens shape
Bracelet: Stainless steel, black IP plating
Size: 42mm
Waterproof: 5ATM
Limited edition: 100 pieces, each piece has an individual number