Retail Concept - Crono

There has long been elegance and pride associated with the possession of a fine timepiece. The value of a fine watch is entirely emotional, apart from the functional aspect it serves and over the years, MSS has mastered this art of offering an experience to its consumers. To keep up to with the changing consumer habits and market trends, MSS decided to rebrand all stores in the year 2008.

All MSS branded stores were redesigned and rebranded to Crono in the last quarter of 2008. Crono in Greek means time and over the years MSS has continued offering its consumers, the tradition of time. With a huge demand for mid – range time wear, Crono meets the needs of today’s changing consumer needs.

So whether you are looking for accuracy with a quartz watch or something more interesting in an automatic or simply buying a watch for fun, step into one of our Crono showrooms today for an experience that will last a lifetime.